While watching his son sell candy for a baseball fundraiser in 2010, Andrew Thornton saw an opportunity to develop a healthier alternative. A partner in the family business of manufacturing first-aid products, he realized that first-aid kits were a perfect item for non-profit organizations that needed to raise funds for their cause.

As a parent of three kids active in sports, music, and scouting, he experienced the pressures all parents face when their child’s team or club needed to raise money. The majority of products being sold weren’t something he or his wife wished to buy. The traditional consumables of candy, popcorn, and cookies sold by scouts and other groups were waning in appeal with many American consumers, who wanted to support youth activities and yet didn’t feel those types of products were healthy.  Andrew felt that his first-aid kits could fill this niche with a healthy, practical product, and he was right!

Since 2010, Right Response Fundraising has been sold by schools, scouts, teams, and clubs in all 50 states. The company has fundraising consultants that work with each club’s liaison to help them achieve success. RightResponse Fundraising’s production is based in Oregon, so consumers can feel good about purchasing a product made in America. A firm believer in giving back, Thornton donates a portion of the proceeds sold by HOSA–Future Medical Workers to students for scholarships. As an example, HOSA Texas, which already has over 75 chapters partnering with RightResponse Fundraising, recently received a check for over $1,400, which was given to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.   

We are proud to be Preferred Fundraising partners with the following organizations: