Reach Your Fundraising Goal with Online Fundraising

RightResponse Fundraising has been offering amazing fundraising opportunities for schools, clubs, sports teams and more for years.  We know that the people who want to support you are not just in your neighborhood, because you have friends and family all over the country.  As part of our commitment to helping you raise as much money as possible for your group, RightResponse offers an Online Fundraising option.

How does it work?

With our Online Fundraising program, you can reach out to your supporters across the country through social media and email.  

Each participant in your group signs up and gets their own link that they can share online.  When they click that link, they are taken to their personal online store where all purchases are tracked to your organization and to the specific participant responsible for the sale.

At the end of your fundraiser, we will provide your group a report of the online sales activity, and a check for 30% of the gross sales amount.


How do we get signed up for the Online Fundraiser?
Let your Fundraising Specialist know you want to use this tool as part of your fundraising strategy, and provide them with an email address for each participant who will sell online.

Can we use the link on Facebook too?
Absolutely, the link will work on all social media sites, as well as email.

Do we need to provide email addresses for everyone selling, or can we just have one link for the whole group?
You can have a single link that all your participants use.  In those cases though, we can only give you the group sales total, not a subtotal for each seller.  When we send a different link to each seller, we can track who sold how much, individually.

How do we get our links?
Once you provide your email address(es) to us, you will receive an email containing your link(s).  Participants can immediately share their link(s) and start selling!

Why do we fill out a W9?
With the online selling campaign, we send a check for your organization’s proceeds.  When the amount is over $600 (heck, yeah!) we are required to send a 1099 to your organization.

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