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Our first aid kit fundraiser is great for virtually any kind of group. From individuals to entire schools, baseball teams to choir groups, our fresh, healthy program has proven itself to be a terrific money-maker that’s good for the community, too. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your organization reach it’s goal!

Kingwood High School HOSA
Kingwood, TX

Total Sales: $37,250

Boy Scouts Troop 24
Cartersville, GA

Total Sales: $21,700

Orange County Boy Scouts
Santa Ana, CA

Total Sales: $19,300

Bend High School DECA
Bend, OR

Total Sales: $16,800

Lemon Grove Little League
Lemon Grove, CA

Total Sales: $15,000+

Why Choose Right Response Fundraising

Over the past seven years, scouting groups, schools, clubs, and athletic teams in all 50 states have partnered with RightResponse Fundraising.  The combination of super healthy and profitable is tough to beat! All the kits are manufactured in the USA.

Being part of a club, group, school or team is a lot of work on its own.  The time commitment, the travel and on top of that, the expenses! At Right Response Responsible Fundraising we want to help your raise important funds for your organization by selling a healthy product that people want, need and find useful.

At Right Response we have created different kits for all the different areas of your life.  Categories like auto, sport, pet, outdoor, and multiple family preparedness kits for your home.  All our kits are made and assembled in the USA.

We are here to help you hit your goals!  Check out our Tips for Running a Successful Fundraiser.  Visit our Fundraiser page to get access to all the forms and documents you need to get your fundraiser started.

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