Lemon Grove Little League

Lemon Grove Little League, Lemon Grove, CA

Total Sales


Sales Average



128 Players

$120 per Player


Total Sales $15,000+

Participants 128 Players

Sales Average $120 per Player

Program Classic

The Little League in Lemon Grove, Calif., hit the big league in fundraising thanks to RightResponse.

League officials thought RightResponse’s innovative first aid kits would offer a fresh approach for their fundraising. Players and parents could use RightResponse to reduce their fees and help pay for the upcoming season’s league expenses.

A total of 128 players hit the field to start selling and before long brought in more than $15,000 in sales.

The league itself chipped in on the sales, purchasing Sports Zip Bags for every team in the league to keep in their dugout.

The sales raised more than $7,500 for the league, which will be used to purchase new equipment, maintain the fields during the season and allow them to stock the snack bar for games.

With opening day approaching, the Lemon Grove Little League is ready to swing away thanks to RightResponse!

“This is my third year as president and RightResponse is the most profitable fundraiser we’ve ever had.” – Art Martinez, Board President, Lemon Grove Little League

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