Fundraising Event Resource Center

 Tools & Tips to help your fundraiser with RightResponse be a smooth, easy success!

If you are already signed up with us and need to place an order, you may do so here.

Where to Start

Step 1. Register your group with us

We’ll need some basic information about your group so we can get materials and kits headed your way. Download the .pdf and send it to customer service.  Or fill out the form below.

(By the way, this may seem familiar to you. Your Fundraising Specialist has probably already registered your group if you are seeing this web page, so you can possibly skip this step.)

Step 2. Place an order

Once your group has a profile set up, you can order free materials for your group to sell with, or the actual kits if your group wants them in hand for your sale.

If you’re simply ordering First Aid Kits to sell, you’ll use Master Order form “R”.  Once we receive your order and payment, we build your kits and get them shipped out to you.

Step 3. Run your Fundraiser

This is where the rubber meets the road. There are a few key actions you can take that will make all the difference in the amount of money your group will raise.  Run for 2-3 weeks. Spread the word every way you can to gain momentum. Have fun and have the sellers compete for recognition and/or prizes!

Click this link to go to the “Tips to Run a Successful Fundraiser.” Seriously.

Step 4. When your First Aid Kits arrive

You’ll want to get the right batch of kits to the right seller. The key to this step in your event is to be organized. Here are some tips from our top professionals who have done our fundraisers full time for years.

Participation and results are one and the same!

Getting great results comes from having great participation. Be sure to communicate with your participants and their parents (for school-aged groups).

Event Tracking Poster

Tracking your group’s progress toward your goal is good motivation.  Put up a couple of the tracking posters where everyone sees them a lot.  Hint, a little competition is a great thing too.  Click to download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do we order kits before or after our sale?
A:  You can do either. Sometimes it’s better to buy ahead so you can have them on hand to give to your customers. Another option is to run your sale using our free materials, and then order your kits after you have the funds in hand. That way you have zero upfront cost.

Q: Why does RightResponse not take returns on unsold kits?
A: Since our product is medical supplies, we’re not allowed to take returns. This is why we advise you to place a smaller initial order. You can always order some more.

Q: What is a Fundraising Specialist?
A: These are our in-field experts on running fundraisers. They have done this with lots of different groups and know what makes the difference between a fair fundraiser and a great fundraiser. A lot of them were PTO chairs or coaches and learned about RightResponse by using us for their own fundraiser.

Q: Why are there three different order forms?
A:  One is for simple orders, the second is for packing the order by the seller (i.e. per student), and the third type is for when the order is packed by the seller and includes prizes.

Q:  How do we get signed up for the Online Fundraiser?
A:  Let your Fundraising Specialist know you want to use this tool as part of your fundraising strategy, and provide them with an email address for each person who will sell online.  Learn more in our online fundraising blog.

Q:  Can we use the link we’ll get on Facebook too?
A:  Absolutely, the link will work on all social media sites, as well as in emails.

Q:  How long does it take to receive our order?
A:   We know how important it is to be able to count on having your sales brochures, forms and products in hand to have a successful RightResponse fundraiser.

Our goal is to ship all completed orders for products and materials in 10 business days. The actual delivery time will depend on the distance from our Bend, OR facilities.

Orders are completed when:

  • Full payment has been received
  • Products are available
  • Necessary information is included on the order form
  • The RightResponse Customer Service Team reviews every order and will contact you for any additional information needed to complete your order and get it shipped.

RightResponse uses UPS for nearly all shipments. You can estimate your delivery date based on the UPS service map below: