Tips to Run a Successful Fundraiser

Thank you for choosing RightResponse Fundraising as your solution for meeting your groups funding needs. We are so glad you are here and we want to help you through each step of the way.

Organizing everyone, setting up timelines and getting all the materials out to people will require some work, we know.  There are key steps you can take that will make a BIG difference in the total amount your group will raise so you don’t have to do it again!  Such things as having a kickoff event to fire everyone up, and getting the word out to everyone possible to create momentum.  Other tips include keeping your fundraiser short, about 2-3 weeks long, with a specific end date, and offering prizes and/or recognition for your top producers.

An event kickoff is a top strategy.

A successful kickoff for your First Aid Kit Fundraiser is the most exciting part of the event!  Start out your sale with a BANG!

If planned correctly, it gets students excited about the fundraiser and generates enthusiasm that is necessary if you want to reach your fundraising goals.   A passionate audience will ultimately result in a higher profit margin and higher satisfaction among all those who participated in the fundraiser.  Here are some tips to keep in mind before starting your fundraising kickoff.

  1. Use an authority figure – have the principal, coach, or another authority figure introduce your fundraiser. The audience will respect the project if they see someone they respect or recognize as important introducing the fundraiser and/or closing it out.
  2. Live kickoff –this has a huge impact, as the energy level will be higher and you will end up with a more enthusiastic group. Even if you decide to show a video, assemble students and show it to the group.

At the kickoff be sure to discuss

  • WHY – communicate the purpose.  Explain the purpose of the assembly as soon as possible. Explain why the fundraiser is being held, how the money will be spent, and how it will directly benefit your students/members.  Explaining the purpose and communicating this well will motivate everyone to work hard.
  • WHAT – what are you selling to make this money?  Show a few samples of the First Aid Kits!
  • WHO TO SELL TO – talk about who might want a first-aid kit. Who has a car?  Who has a pet? Do you know anyone that plays sports? (Hold up the kit that matches these activities)
  • HOW – explain how the program works.  Show the brochure and collection envelope (tell them to take the FR brochure out of their backpack) and how to collect money (cash or check made out to the school or group).
  • Prizes and Incentives – show samples, really finesse the prizes!  Show them individually and highlight all the uses for them!
  • Safety Rules
    • Always sell with parent or guardian
    • Sell to people you know
    • Always sell before dark
  1. Have Music – try to arrange to borrow a good stereo and sound system to play music that the audience will enjoy when entering the assembly and again when they are leaving.
  2.  Set up equipment in advance – any technical equipment should be tested and working properly in advance of the kickoff assembly. Test the music, any laptops or projectors, microphones, etc.
  3. Visit a Teacher meeting before start – Remind the teachers that you need their support and make sure they are in-the-know about the fundraiser dates and procedures. (Suggestion: You could offer the teacher or coach with the highest % of participation a $25 Starbucks card or something you come up with. Teacher (or coach or leader) participation is very important and will really help with the sales).
  4. Decorate the School – students are more likely to remember the fundraiser if there are colorful and fun visual reminders posted around the school. E.g. Display case, reader boards, posters, samples, prize flyers
  5. Suggestion to PTA – display samples in front of the school in the morning (when parents are dropping kids off so they can see the kits, and at noon when kindergarteners are let out of school).

Other places you can kick off the program IF you cannot have an assembly:

  • Back-to-school night
  • Tag it to the end of another assembly
  • After lunch, have the kids come into the gym for 10 minutes during recess
  • Get creative, the more you communicate, the BETTER!

Communicate with your participants and their parents!

Participation and results are one and the same! You absolutely have to get the word out to everyone.
The best results always happen when the most people are supporting your fundraiser. This sounds obvious, but if they aren’t aware of the fundraiser, they don’t produce for you! Secret fundraisers don’t stand a chance! Email. Parent Meetings. Flyers. Do it all.

Here is a letter one of our most successful groups used this spring. Make a few edits and start communicating to ensure your goals get met or surpassed!

HOSA FUNDRAISER (Replace with your school/team/club name)


Be Prepared…everyone needs First-aid

This is going to be our main fundraiser of the year and we need EVERYONE to get involved!

Here is what you need to know:

  • We are selling the Right Response First Aid kits this year.  They are priced from $15 – $120 so there is a kit for everyone. These make great holiday/business gifts. Great to have in sports bags, backpacks, cars, purses, etc.
  • Every HOSA member is required to either participate in the fundraiser ($100 minimum sales) or the buyout ($125), or you can do both. (You decide what your minimum is going to be or if you do a buyout)
  • Please make checks payable to (your school/club name). Money should be collected when the order is placed. There will be a bin in the teacher’s classroom for completed order forms and money.
  • All paperwork and money will be due no later than (put date here).
  • The kits will be delivered within 10-14 days after the fundraiser ends and order is submitted.
  • Online ordering is available at the following link: (if you are interested in online fundraising we will order a link for your group so you can add it here). We receive 30% from the online orders (versus 50% from orders taken in person) so please use this option just for out of town family or friends. The products are shipped directly to anyone using the online option.

What is the money used for?

The Booster Club pays for many things such as supplies for the instructors to use in the class, buses to events such as leadership seminars and Rocket Day, and expenses for all the students who compete in HOSA events at the Area, State and National.  Please help so that all the students can participate in HOSA activities!

Are there any incentives?

Of course!  We are going to have a “Cash Grab Bag” after the sales are finished.  For every $50 sold, you will get one entry into the grab bag. If you participate in the buyout, you will also get ONE entry.  If your name is pulled, you can grab an envelope from the bag. Every envelope contains a cash amount from $20 – $100. Woohoo!  (You decide what kind of incentive and add it here. The “Cash Grab Bag” has been very successful)

Any questions can be directed to (your contact information here, name, email, phone #)

Thank you for your support!!

For School kids, a prize program is great!


The Key to Motivating Students is a Reward/Prize Program for Reaching School Goal, such as:

    • Principal  Car Wash ( Whipped cream/Water/Wagon)
    • Principal dress like a Clown for a day!
    • Principal gets pie (whipped cream) in face by top 5 sellers!
    • All Teachers wear funny hats for the day!
    • If Sales are 10% above Goal, Ice Cream for all!
    • Principal’s Challenge of $20,000.00 Minimum/ Receive a $99 First Aid Cabinet

    Classroom Reward

    • The top selling classroom gets a Pizza Party!
    • The classrooms that sell over a set amount get an Ice Cream Party!
    • The Classroom that sells the most kits gets a BBQ Lunch!
    • Teacher with highest Total Dollar Sales receives a Gift Basket, Coffee brought to them every morning for a week, School Supplies, etc.

    Individual Student Reward

    • Top Producer receives Free Homework Pass, Front of Lunch Line Pass, Free Tardy Pass
    • Top Producer Becomes ‘Principal’ for the Day or ‘Principal’s Assistant’
    • Top Producer receives Free Disneyland Tickets, Movie Passes, Knotts Berry Farm passes
    • Any Student that sells over a set amount receives a Gift Certificate
    • Any Student that sells over $500 gets to be in a drawing for an IPAD!
    • Any Student that turns in Order Form & Money by the due date receives_____!
    • Top Seller gets name in School Newsletter.
    • Top Seller gets Casual Dress Day Pass!

The best prize program is designed to appeal to all the participants and should have several levels so that all students will be rewarded for any level of sales!  Ask the students what would motivate them!


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